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Tige L. Phillips

CCIE #3986




Seven years of experience in networking and infrastructure

Experienced in Logical Network Design and Architecture

Extensive Network deployment and Network Management skills

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) #3986


Cisco Catalyst Switches (2900, 5000, 5500, RSM)

Cisco Routers (1600, 2500, 4X00, 7X00)

3COM (SuperStack Routers and Switches)

W&G DA-30, Domino

Network Associates Sniffer

Shomiti Systems Explorer


HP OpenView

IBM NetView

Spectrum Element Manager


Cisco Works

Cisco Works for Switched Internetworks (CWSI)

Cisco Resource Manager (CRM)

Network Associates NetXray

Shomiti Systems Surveyor

Network Associates Sniffer

CheckPoint Firewall-1



Cisco Internetwork Design--October 1997

Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting--October 1997

Advanced Cisco Router Configuration--January 1997

Spectrum Administration and Configuration--July 1993

Banyan VINES Administration & Advanced Administration--July 1993



Printer Manufacture Network Architecture (Epson Portland Inc.)

This project at Epson was to develop a network architecture that would support three buildings of their manufacturing plan and the administrative offices. The new architecture will provide for future expansion and support client server applications that are deployed and in development.

My responsibility was to evaluate the existing network and architect the new network to support the functionality, usability, and reliability requirements. I was also responsible for analyzing the existing and future applications to determine some rudimentary bandwidth utilization information. This information was used as a partial basis for the architect bandwidth minimums in the final report.

SOFTWARE: Shomiti Surveyor

Health Management Feasibility Study (CorVel Corporation Inc.)

This project focused on applications that the client is currently developing and getting ready to implement. The study was to determine the amount of bandwidth needed for each of the applications per remote location based on different database distribution models. All of the applications were client server based, both two and three tier.

My responsibility was to analyze each of the four applications and develop a mean bandwidth required per person. This was completed using a Network Associates Sniffer, and Shomiti Surveyor. All of the data was placed in spreadsheets and an Excel application was written to view and change the company structure graphically. All of the cost tables for bandwidth, hardware, and redundancy were calculated automatically based on the number and makeup of regional offices supporting a variable number of states.

HARDWARE: Network Associates Sniffer

SOFTWARE: Shomiti Surveyor

Silicon Manufacturing Plant Network (Komatsu Silicon America, Inc.)

Design and implementation of a campus area Fast Ether-Channel backbone network. The implementation was completed using Cisco Catalyst 5513 Switches and two RSMs for a redundant core location. Catalyst 5513s were used in each of the seven closet locations.

My responsibility on the project was to design and configure the network from layer one connections to layer three routing. Hot Standby Router Protocol and multiple connections to critical servers provide redundancy. SNMPc on Windows NT and Cisco Works for Switched Internetworks was installed and configured to provide monitoring and trend analysis. A paging system was implemented on the NMS computer to provide text page alerts for critical alarms on the network.

HARDWARE: Catalyst 5513, Route Switch Module (RSM)

SOFTWARE: SNMPc, CWSI, CRM, Shomiti Surveyor, NT

University Backbone Upgrade (Oregon Health Sciences University)

Design and implementation of a campus wide Fast Ethernet and ATM backbone network. The implementation was completed using Cisco Catalyst 5513 Switches with Lightstream processors at the core locations. Dual Cisco 2926 switches were used in each outlying building connected to the core area. LANE was implemented for all Campus area VLANs with RSMs providing routing. Full redundancy was accomplished via redundant ATM connections, multiple LECs, LEC/BUS pairs, and HSRP for IP traffic.

My responsibility on the project was to assist in the configuration of the RSMs, and Switches while designing Cisco specific functions of the network (HSRP, Fast Ether-Channel). I also upgraded the current HP OpenView network management platform to support the new Cisco traps and devices. Cisco Works for Switched Internetworks was installed and configured to gather information from the new Cisco switches and RSMs and remote Cisco routers.

HARDWARE: Catalyst 5513, RSM, ASP

SOFTWARE: HP OpenView, CWSI, Solaris

Health Services Network Deployment (CorVel Corporation, Inc.)

This project was primarily focused on the implementation of a 90+ site Frame-Relay network. The implementation was started using 3COM routers, and switched to Cisco in mid-stream. A Network Management station was installed to support the new network using Windows NT, SNMPc, and CiscoWorks.

My responsibility on the project was the configuration of all routers including all supporting standards (Routing protocols, IP Addressing, route summarization). Remote Corvel employees were walked through equipment install at all locations. Line provisioning was coordinated with equipment purchase, configuration, and remote install.

HARDWARE: Cisco 25/1600, 3COM Superstack Routers+Switches

SOFTWARE: SNMPc, CiscoWorks, NT, Transcend

Financial Services Network Management (Frank Russel Corporation, Inc.)

This project was the assessment and implementation of a Network Management Station. The management platform supported four business units via X-Terminals. The primary system was implemented on IBM AIX, with IBM NetView, CiscoWorks, and TrendSNMP.

My responsibility on the project was the pre-install evaluation of the clients network management needs, and the implementation of the management station and all software. This included As-Built documentation along with custom Administrator and User guides. Custom scripts were built for remote control of equipment, and limited error checking AI.

HARDWARE: IBM X-Terminals, IBM G40

SOFTWARE: IBM NetView, TrendSNMP, CiscoWorks, AIX

Previous Employment

The Node Connection

While at The Node Connection my responsibilities included providing communications consulting, network management implementations, and architectural design services. Some of my other responsibilities included network troubleshooting, feasibility studies, fault isolation, and enterprise level firewall design and implementation.


USAF Academy

I was responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and providing support for a 3000 user Banyan VINES network, a 300 user X.25 network, 12 Cisco routers and many Cabletron 10Base-T concentrators. I was part of a small team that designed and built the base wide network and the connection to the Internet. Once the network was completed, I built a Spectrum network management system, created the help desk, and provided technical support for the Banyan clients and completed all the router and Banyan server administration.