A little about this page.

In the future I hope to have some usefull information reguarding study material for the CCIE and other Cisco certification tests. I have also written a few "learning exercises". These are written to encourage you to read and learn before answering the question. These are not meant to be practice tests for the CCIE.

A little about taking the CCIE test.


Taking the CCIE written test will require you know not only Cisco specific commands and features, but know networking and protocols very well.

Lab Exam

Taking the CCIE lab exam will require a great deal of familliarity with the IOS interface, and indepth work with all of the protocols and features supported by Cisco. You will possibly need to know how to use switches, and ATM devices. Time and being nervous will kill your chances during the lab exam. All of the Cisco documentation and many Cisco Press books are available to you when you take the lab exam, but if you need to lookup more than 2-3 things you probably won't have enough time to finish the test. You should be very familliar with the Cisco documentation CD, and how to find things quickly. You will need to look something up.

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CCIE info at Cisco

I have recertified twice since I got my CCIE. I took the IP routing test the first time in 2000 and the Optical test in 2002.

Last worked on: July 31 2002, Prior to that: 7 Sep. 99