OncoLink - The University of Pennsylvania Multimedia Oncology Resource.

We would like to announce "OncoLink", a WWW-server and gopher server oriented
to CANCER. This resource is directed to physicians, health care personnel, 
social workers, patients and their supporters. OncoLink won the international 
award for "Best of the Web'94" in the Professional Services division in May of 
this year.

THIS RESOURCE CAN BE REACHED AT: cancer.med.upenn.edu

This cancer information server is currently under development, with changes
made daily. Gopher can reach this resource using Port 80.

With a WWW-client (e.g. Mosaic), use: http://cancer.med.upenn.edu/

Or just click right here.

With a gopher client (e.g. gopher) use: gopher cancer.med.upenn.edu 80

Some of the subject headings are:

     medical oncology
     gynecologic oncology
     radiation oncology
     pediatric oncology
     surgical oncology
     veterinary oncology
     medical physics
     molecular genetics and cell biology of cancer
     disease oriented menus
     menus devoted to certain topics
     frequently asked questions, including powerlines & EMF, etc.
    *psychosocial support for oncology patients & families ****
     links to other oncology centers in the world
      . . . and much, much more!

We shall be exploring interactive BBS and other means of disseminating cancer 
information throughout the world on the Internet. The maintainer of this 
resource can be contacted at: BUHLE@XRT.UPENN.EDU

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine         Phone: 215-662-3084
P.O. Box 7806                  Philadelphia, PA 19101   FAX: 215-349-5978