Day 58

9 October 94

My right knee wasn't hurting that bad this morning. We had a small breakfast and packed the car for a trip to McCord AFB in Tacoma. We have some food shopping to do. It's about a 35 min. trip down. We went clothes shopping first then hit the grocery store. Yuck.. It was packed. I was very tired by the time we got in line. I waited on a bench while Lora went back and fourth in the line.

We went to Burger King for lunch. I had a vanilla milk shake with my chicked sandwich. Oh boy was it good. That was the first one I've had since before the transplant. Got home and unloaded all the stuff from the car. The cupboards and fridge are both full.

Well, now I'm paying for the milk shake. My sugar level before dinner was 395. Opps.. Well, that not enough to call in to the hospital so I'll just use my sliding scale. Sugar was better before bed, but it was still 253. Just over "normal for me". Even after having to give myself the extra shot, it was worth it. :-) Stayed up late again tonight talking to my father on the phone about buissiness and working on my logs.

I have stopped recording my days here. It's now Nov 4 1995 and I'm doing great. Thanks for reading my log. :-)

Tige L. Phillips,