Day 57

8 October 94

Woke up this morning with my knees hurting again. Lora got my pills for it, but it would take some time till they kicked in. In the mean time I went and ran a bath. I stayed in as long as I could, without turning into a prune. My left leg was better, but my right knee was still hurting. This must be related to the increase in Cyclosporine that I started last night. I'll let the docs know on Monday.

We had a couple of shopping stops to make today. We took back some software we got yesterday and purchased it at another store for less. It always pays to check before you buy. Or run do like we do and go everywhere 2 or 3 times. :-( We got enough off to get her another. We got Mickeys 123, ABC, Shapes and Colors. All are very good. Lora and her played them all when we got home. We're going to need another computer real soon. :-)

I had to sit in the car and wait for my two shoppers while they were looking for a new snow suit. My right knee is still hurting so I just read while they shopped. It would be good advice to always have a book with you. No need to cut others short just because you can't keep going. They will like not having to wait for you and you'll enjoy the time alone. I do anyway.

We were up again late tonight. Lora was playing a computer game we got for Tia. Ya right. Eqo Quest. Another good game for kids. Lora finished it in 2 days. I think I'll play it soon, it looks like a lot of fun and you don't get stumped all the time like some adventure games. I worked on a menu system for UNIX on my notebook. We do need another computer. Night.

Tige L. Phillips,