Day 56

7 October 94

I slept good last night after the news from the VA. We all woke up late, but didn't really care. We didn't bother hurrying into the hospital because they always do rounds late on Fridays anyway, so why bother. I also don't need to get an X-Ray done after the little mistake on Day 54. They took my blood and one for my Cyclosporine level. They do that on Fri. and Mon. Now I wait for rounds. I was going to let other people go first because a couple of them are going home for the weekend but they were hooked up to the pumps getting drugs. They didn't have the final results of the bone marrow back yet, they said Monday maybe, but that everything looked very good. They should be getting a count on my plasma cells (cancer) in the real check. Myeloma cells have a way of "sticking around" in the bone marrow even after they are dead. Dr. Chancey said it's not uncommon for there to be traces almost a year later. As long as the number keep going down all is cool. So, I guess we wait till Monday to get some hard numbers.

We went to a resturant for lunch. Had babyback ribs for lunch. Hmmm.. Been a while. The rest of the day was spent shopping for software for the child. We purchased PuttPutt goes to the Moon and 2 Mickey learning games for her. Of course whe is to young for PuttPutt, so Daddy had to play that one for here. Very good quality game for young kids 3-8 I think. Lots of stuff on the screen makes noize and is animated. Tia just loves watching all the things on the screen. She sat on my lap saying PuttPutt the whole time. She is growing up way 2 fast! Side note: You can get demos of PuttPutt on many FTP sites.

Dr. Headland called this evening and wants me to add another 100mgs of cyclosporine each dose. Starting tonight. We were up late again tonight talking. Still don't know what to do when we get outa here. Sugar levels were good all day.

Tige L. Phillips,