Day 55

6 October 94

Got up late today. Back feels fine. We packed up and went for another walk on Aliki beach this morning after breakfast. We walked for 15 mins and then turnined around and came back. It doesn't seem like much, but it's a lot for me some times. We walked in a nice spot today, it is on the west side of Seattle over looking the water with the city skyline on the other side. I think we'll walk here from now on. I was quite tired when we got back to the car. I almost fell asleap on the way home. We got back to the house just around lunch time. Tia and I took a short nap after we ate. Sugar level at dinner was fine.

After dinner we called Lora's mother to check on some mail we're we've been expecting. It was all there. We got some software that was on backorder for Tia and we finally got confirmation of my disability claim from the VA. We've been waiting since January when I started my chemo treatments in Oregon. This was a big load off both Lora's and my backs. Lora's mother is putting all our important mail in an evelope to send to us so we can get the real low down on the info the VA sent us. We just got the basics over the phone. We stayed up late tonight talking about what our plans would be when we left Seattle. I don't know why we even bother, we never do decide. :-)

Tige L. Phillips,