Day 54

5 October 94

Well, got up and ate a light breakfast. I didn't want to eat too much just in case they wanted to give me some meds for the bone marrow aspirate today. I told them I didn't take any pre-meds, but you never know. Got into the hospital and did the normal blood thing. Oh, today was "pee- in-a-bottle" day. :-) Love that part of the morning. As least it's not like a drug test with someone watching over your shoulder. :-) Anyway, we had rounds. All looked good. They checked my chest and back for any rashes, but couldn't find any. I think they are looking for the first signs of cronic GVH. It's getting about time when we might be seeing some. I think. Well, maybe not for another month or so, but they are looing for something. Maybe they just can't belive that I'm not having more GVH things going on since I was only a 5 of 6 unrelated match. Or maybe I should just stop guessing and ask them on Friday.. :-)

Dr. Headland told me that we could do it early, she thought rounds would last longer. We went into the treatment room around 0950 to do the aspirate. We were chatting with the person doing the blood work stuff about how I got my name. It's from the head guy on the old TV show "The Mod Squad". Anyway, we started out by playing TV repair man. Thats what one of the docs that did it once called it. You pull your pants down just enough to expose the crack of your rear. :-) She felt around on my hip bones for a good spot to start. Then she asked what the worst part of this was for me. That was easy, putting the needle in to numb me up. She used lydacane to numb the skin and then I think she used something else to numb the bone. I asked how thats possible, she said that the bone only has nerves in the very outer area. We waited a min. or two for all the drugs to start working and then she asked "Do you feel pain or pressure?" Hmm.. I don't feel anything. Doc "Ok, we'll start". She started pushing the needle into my hip, just a little pressure now. I could tell when she hit the bone marrow. I can always tell. It doesn't hurt that bad, but it does a little. I told her she was in the marrow. She said OK, lets see. She did the first pull. That is where they suck out some of the marrow. It burns. She said I was right and we were in the marrow. I told her I could tell. :-) Whe did one more pull to get some more marrow and then pulled out the needle. The next part is to get a piece of the bone. They first made sure they had enough marrow, which they did. They use a needle that is very large compaired to a normal one for this. It actually cores out a piece of the bone. She started pushing, no pain. Ouch! She stopped. She must have gone into the marrow. Then they have to twist the needle back and fourth for a short time to break off the bottem. Then she pulled it out. They were trying to get it all out of the needle in one piece, but couldn't. They only broke a small piece off, the rest was all intact. She put a big bandaid on my back side and sent me on my way.

Oh, I almost forgot. As soon as I came into the hospital today I had the secratary call to get me into X-Ray. Smart thinking on my part, I'll beat the crowd. To bad X-Ray day is Friday.. I caught flack from all my "friends" in the outpaitent room when I got back.. They all think the're comediands. :-)

We went to the appt. and got some food to take with us and then left for Aliki beach to walk. We had a nice walk, the weather was nice. I pushed Tia in her stroller for about 30 mins. Hopefully this walking will help my weight. It's really starting to get to me.

Sugar levels were good before dinner. Had a uneventfull afternoon. My hip is a little sore. Doesn't hurt bad, and it's not bleeding so all is well with that. Night.

Tige L. Phillips,