Day 52

3 October 94

Moday morning. Slept good last night. Blood sugar was good this morning. We got up a little late so we were hurried to get to the hospital on time. Weight was around normal. I still need to start walking. Maybe today.. Ya right. Rounds went well. Dr. Headland (My Doc) is back. Also our Director is running things on the ward again. She (Dr. Headland) said they want to do a bone marrow aspitate and biopsy on Wednesday to get a base line of how many plasma cells (old dead cancer cells) are left and to be sure that it's the doners marrow in there and not mine. They are sure it's his, since mine wasn't working as good as the new stuff is now. They have it scheduled for about 10:30. I'll explane the whole thing on day 54. I also dropped some hints about when I might be leaving Seattle. The director initially said in about 1 month. Then after some talking he was asking questions about how far from the hospital (The Portland VA hospital) we will be living and who we would be living with. I explaned we would be living with my wife's mother for some time 6 month or so and that it was only about 30 mins. away from the hospital. He seemed to like the idea of us being so close and living with someone. Good news.. :-)

We got home around 11:00. We were going to go for a walk, but the weather wasn't that nice and we just couldn't get motivated. We spent most of the day playing computer games with Tia. She is really starting to learn how to count. Sugar was a little low before dinner. I made baked Cod. It turned out good. I was suprized. It was a new recipe that I hadn't tryed before. Oh, I do most of the cooking around the house. Lora does the dishes..

Since my sugar was low before dinner and in the evening, I decided to have a little something extra before bed. Saltwater taffy. Mmmm... Went to bed late tonight because we aren't planning on going into the hospital in the morning.

Tige L. Phillips,