Day 51

2 October 94

Slept great again last night. I'm gona have to start campaining to leave Seattle pretty soon. One of the nurses said that people from Portland often get to leave early since they are so close and the VA hospital is so good there. Let's hope.. I really only have a max of 49 days left for the full 100, but other people have been leaving around day 80. I think I can get outa here even before then. I think it will mostley depend on if my sugar levels are still real bad, but we'll see.

Had a great breakfast today, bacon, eggs, biskets the whole works. Lora's mother and I made everything and had a good time doing it. After that we went out to the the wife's other side. The ranch. They are just finishing a new house so they were kinda buisy. It was real sunny, so I was hidding in the shadows of the trees and stayed inside most of the time. After the horror stories of GVHD from the sun, I'm not taking any chances. Thats about the last thing I want to happen now, while everything else is going to good.

Tia had a great time playing with all the animals they have. I had a good time trying to keep them away from me. The doctors are very adimate about wanting me away from animals because of diseases.

I was warn out by the time we got back to our place and took about a 1.5 hour nap. When I woke up I felt really bad. Shakey and real weak. I also noticed my feet were a little swollen and had some red splotches. Real light ones. I cryed on Lora's sholder for a while. I was feeling real bad about her having to do everything for Tia, drive, clean house, etc. etc. I just want this thing to be over and get on with our lives. I hadn't broke down in quite some time and it felt good. After Lora straitened me out, which took some time, we set out for Seattle. We had long talks about what we were going to do once we finally left Seattle. To bad we never did come up with and answer. :-)