Day 50

1 October 94

Slept great in my bed last night. Tia got up around 8:00 but I stayed in bed till almost 0900. Sugar level was real low this morning 137. Guess I could have had some icecream last night. :-) Had a small breakfast and just sat around the house most of the morning. Got a call from my doctor about my Cyclosporine level. It is low and she wants me to increase my dose to 250 twice a day from 200. Ok..

Went to David and Tina's around 3PM. We had a small BBQ and a nice dinner. It was just the 5 of us for once. I had salid for the first time. Mmmm.. Watched a couple of movies while Tia entertained us all with her antics. We didn't even see the second movie she was so wound up. Headed for home late.

I was asleep long before we even got to the house and was totally gone about 2 mins after my head hit the pillow. Boy was it a long day. Sugar levels were good again.