Day 49

30 September 94

I was up early today to get a jump on X-Ray. Blood sugar was 221. Not bad. A quick breakfast and out the door. Had the secretary call first thing to get me into X-Ray. It's was great, I was there at about 8:30 and didn't have to wait more than 3-4 mins. to get it done.

Weight was good today, it's not flexuating as much as it was. I'd still like to work it down little by little, mostley by exercise, but a little by caloric intake. Now that the diatition isn't watching my every move I should be able to slip a few kilos here and there.

Ran down and grabed a Mocha while I was waiting for rounds to start. I think we may have to get a machine soon.. Seattle is growing on me little by little. No, I'm not into the "Grunge" look yet. Thank goodness.. Although it might be fun to wear close that don't have to match and have lots of holes in them. Seattle... A strange place to this Oregonian.

Rounds are always late on Fridays, don't really know why. Our head doctor (Director) is back on the ward for a while. Dr. Chauncey. Great guy when it comes to bone marrow aspirates. All the Docs were a little concerned that I was still having sugar levels in the 300 range sometimes. They may adj. my insulin on Monday. Other than that, they said have a good time in Portland.

Got back to the appt. and packed up real quick. We left about 11:00 ish. With stops for food and restrooms we made it home by 3:00PM. Remember, I'm supposed to drink 3-4 litters per day. We went to my fathers for dinner and had a good time. Tia liked playing with him after we were done eating. We had pizza, and the cheese bothered me a little. I wish I could kick that lactose thing already.

Got home late and went strait to bed. Sugar levels were in the normal range for me all day.