Day 48

29 September 94

Took 2 sleeping pills last night.. Boy did I get some good sleep.. Woke up around 8AM and worked on my diary for you all. Blood sugar was good, I guess we just about have it under control.. Until I start tapering the Prednisone anyway.

Had a big breakfast this morning. Lora made waffeles and I made ham and eggs. After we gorged ourselfs on that and some catalope we decided to go for a walk. When't down to Aliki beach and walked along the puget sound for about 35 mins. I didn't get that tired since it was all flat ground. The weather was real nice, we were expecting rain. Weather men don't know squat! Excuse me.. Weather people don't know squat. I wouldn't want to leave anyone out. :-)

Oh ya. The Boris part.. Boris Yeltson (sp?) is in town today.. No, we didn't find him.. We didn't look that hard either. He'll only be here for about 6-7 hours, but he was going on a cruise of the harbor and I thought we might see some police boats or something.. Nada..

Got home and had a small lunch. Small for me anyway. Watched some TV (General Hospital) and basically just lounged around and did some reading till dinner. Sugar level was a little high before dinner. Had to give myself 3 U N extra.

Had to pack up all our clothes and junk for the weekend. Made all the required calls to familly. I'm going to go to sleep kinda early tonight, just so I can get into the hospital early in the morning and get my X-Ray out of the way. Night all..