Day 47

28 September 94

Slept good again last night, exept for sweating. I had to turn my pillow 3 times so I could sleep on a dry spot. Must be all the hair I'm growing. Speeking of hair, I shaved for the second day in a row today.. I was kinda looking forward to not having to do that for a while. I guess you can't have it all. ;-) Sugar was good this morning. 228.

Got into the hospital a little early today. Weight was up to 81.9 Kilos. Yuck.. Need to do more walking!! Today was "pee in a cup day". Oh boy, my favorite. There was a new person in the outpaitent room today. He just got out on Monday. Older guy, Auto transplant. Looks good. Nurse got all my blood and sent it to the lab, Docs were doing rounds early today so I was the first one in. I have a new Doc?? Oh, just till Friday.. I guess they are just filling in 2-3 day shifts for my normal doctor.. Oh well she is nice and I know all the other doctors.. I asked about a thing called Crypto Sparidium, a parasite that can infect people with reduced immune systems. The head doctor said he had never hear of cancer paitents getting it, but if I wanted I could boil my tap water before I drank it just to be sure. I also asked the diatition if I could stop recording all the liquid and food that I've been eating and drinking. She said that I've been getting enough of everything and that I might want to just keep a informal log of liquid intake for myself. I hate those sheets! Glad to get rid of them. We also talked about this weekend.. Looks like all signs are go! They just want me to be sure to call if there is any problems with my sugar levels or anything else. They also reminded me of animals since they know we have a bunch.. "Stay away for them!" Ok.. The nurse that will be on duty Friday told me to get in as early as possible and she'll get me outa there ASAP so we can leave after I get my X-Ray. Oh, they raised my NPH dose in the morning by 5 U.

Sugar level was high at dinner. Oh well.. Went for a long walk tonight, down a hill and back up.. Thought I was going to die.. But I guess it's good for me. Worked on a computer for one of the other BMT people tonight. He was having some problems with a new notebook.. Had a good time joking around wiht him. Been a while since I've been around anyone but my familly. After that we just had a quite night watching TV.

Sugar level was good at night.. I think I'll take 2 sleeping pills tonight.. Ya, what the heck! Night.