Day 46

27 September 94

Well, I slept good last night.. Got up this morning and my sugar was good. 221. It's about time. Had to go up to the hospital this morning to drop off the keys from someone that left on Monday. I also needed a new Sharps container. (Box used to put used needles and syringes in for proper disposal) I had filled one up and forgot to get another. Opps. It was a quick trip anyway.

Went to the store and did a little shopping. We kinda went wild in the drug store. Seemed like everything was on sale. :-) I guess I'm getting back to normal. Felt very good even though we were walking all around there for about 30 mins. It's amazing that I can feel better each day. It's used to be more noticeable, but I can still tell I'm getting better each day.

Sugar level was good again at dinner. Hopefully we have the Insulin levels right by now. Went for a short walk tonight after dinner. Just down the block. I'm so over weight it's rediculous. 45 Lbs. The diatition doesn't want me to stop eating, so I'll work it off. If I can.

Spent time with Tia tonight playing PUTT PUTT. A small childs game. She likes all the sounds and when he talks. Were planning on getting the rest of her games when we go home this weekend. We had left most of them there because she just wasn't interested as much 2-3 months ago. I think she'll like them more now. The news group has lots of info on childrens games.

Grrrrr.. Sugar was 358 tonight. 8 U regular for coverage. Just ate a small snack tonight. 2 PBJ sandwiches. :-) Ok, it wasn't that small. Goodnight.