Day 45

26 September 94

Slept like dirt last night! I was in bed most of the night, but just couldn't sleep. It must have been because my sugar level was so good. 183 this morning. Normal Insulin dose.

Got into the hospital a little early today. Weight was up about 1 kilo. The diatition will like that. :-) All the regulars were there exept for 1. He left for home today. I belive he was on about day 80 ish. He was also a allogeneic. Last week he was diagnosed with a mild case of GVHD. We were all very happy for him. That sounds strange, but he hadn't had any and thats even worse. Anyway, I was the last one to see the Docs since I'm the only outpaitent of the new Doctor filling in for me. We all had the normal Pow-Wow in the treatment room. Diatition said I'm doing very good with liquids and food.. No problems there. I told here I still can't handle the dairy stuff without help from pills, she said it would take time. I asked if I could go to Portland again this weekend... Docs "Well, it's all conditional, but I don't know why not.". Ya.. Thats what we like to here.

My new Doc wanted to do a quick once over with me. She said I looked great. Skin, hair (yes I'm growing hair) etc. She wants me to wait for a few while she gets that Insulin scale written. No prob.

Didn't get home till 12:00. I was starving by then. Good thing I got a Mocha before we left the hospital. Oh my god.. I'm starting to like those trendy drinks.. Arrrggg.. It must be the new marrow.. My old self would have never liked them. :-) Ate like a horse from lunch.

Blood sugar was good at dinner. 218 I think we do have it down now. We'll see in the next couple days. Sugar level was good again at night also 247. Not much more happened today. Goodnight.