Day 44

25 September 94

Looks like we might have my blood sugar under control finally. It was 188 this morning. Doc was amazed. We went with my normal amount of Insulin and that was that.

The familly went for a walk. I'm trying to get more exercise. The diatition said I can't lower my caloric intake, but I could loss some weight if I exercise more. I'm about 40-45 pounds over now from the steroids I was taking from Nov. 93 through when I started the transplant. There is a nice beach with a long walking path I think we'll start to go to.

Did a little shopping today. Got a new H/D and spent most of the day getting it up and running. Checked blood at 4:45... 311 ouch! I guess we didn't have it down pat yet. Doctor increased my level of Insulin and sent me on my way. Call her back at her house around 9.

Sugar was good at 9. 227 Nothing for me tonight. She explaned that she won't be at the hospital in the morning. She has a class all week so I'll be getting a temp Doctor. She also wants me to bring in my blood sugar level and Insulin chart that I've been keeping so they can write a sliding scale. (Scale used to adjust the amount of Insulin you give yourself)

Had a good dinner, choaked down all my pills and hit the bed.