Day 43

24 September 94

Slept great last night. Got up around 700 though. Blood sugar was on the high side. 367 I think. Doc adv. take a higher dose of NPH and Regular insulin. I'm having a hard time finding a place on my stomach I haven't stuck yet. I'll have to start using my legs more often. I have to page her later (4:30 ish) to find out what to do tonight. I think she said she might be at a party.. Ya, like doctors are allowed to have a life. :-)

Went to McCord AFB in Tacoma today to do some food shopping. I'm medically retired from the Air Force. Felt really strong today. The extra insulin must be working. Even after walking all around the grocery store I still wasn't that tired.

Well, blood sugar was high 337. 15 U R, 20 U NPH adv. the Doc. We laughed about not being able to get it under 300.. Oh boy do I love Prednisone. Can't wait till I'm off the stuff. In about a year. :-)