Day 42

23 September 94

Had a long day in the hospital today. It's Friday so, X-Ray time. You will never guess this. The X-Ray tech actually wanted me to wear a lead mini skirt around my waist so I won't radiate my genitals. Ha Ha Ha! Like after the TBI anything down there works. I explaned I wasn't going to degade myself by wearing it unless that little X-Ray machine could make me loss all my hair in the 1.5 seconds it was going to be on. They declined to push it any further and Zapp.. I'm outa here.

Back on the floor I started getting IGG infused. Multiple Myeloma affects the immune system and this is kinda of a booster. 4 hours worth of booster. Good thing I brought food and my notebook. :-) Rounds went as always. Still trying to get my sugar level under control.

Got outa there around 2PM went home and veged most of the night. I did go for a small walk over to one of the new outpatients appts. to drop off a magazine. He is a Auto transplant. He was in the room next to me when I was in. Nice guy and wife. His hands are really falling apart from the TBI. I thought I had it bad on my feet, atleast I can wear socks.. :-)