Day 40

21 September 94

Doctor wanted to to come in fasting again today. I hate that. With all the Prednisone I'm taking it's all I can do to control my hunger in the mornings. I had food with me this morning, not just a drink. Sugar level was not 2 high. 208 I think. Gave myself the normal insulin shot when I got home. She raised my morning dose and started me on 10 U of NPH (10 units) before dinner. Sugar was high before dinner and at bed time. Doc had me take 4 units of Regular before bed just to get it down a little.

Had a good day for the most part. My father called and said he would be up tommarow evening. Hmmm.. what are we going to have for dinner. I think food is all I think about.

Spent a large amount of time on the computer today D/Ling Linux disks still. I've almost got what I need. Wife got mad, so I had to quit.