Day 39

20 September 94

Didn't sleep to bad last night. I was up for a couple of hours. I started D/Ling the files for the UNIX OS called Linux. My father wants to try it. Anyway.. I had to go into the hospital fasting today. Blood sugar was 209. 10 U NPH. I told them I had a meter now, so I can get a good sugar reading at dinner. I'll call in with the level and they will tell me how much insulin to take. I'm to call at about 5PM ish.

Sugar level was 297 before dinner. 10 U R. Calling back at 9PM.

Didn't do much today around the house. Worked on the computer mostly. Tia and I played some of here games (Ok, I played she watched and laughed). I felt good all day.

I've been experimenting with Low Lactose milk and Lactaid pills. My stomach doesn't make enough enzimes yet to digest the Lactose in the milk yet, but with the pills I seem to be able to tolerate small amounts of dairy products. Good thing to, I'm a milk lover.