Day 38

19 September 94

Had to go into the hospital fasting today. They wanted to get an accurate reading of my blood sugar level. Don't know what it was, but they gave me 10 U NPH (NPH is slow acting). They also gave me perscriptions for the drug and syringes. I didn't sleep to good last night so I asked the Doc if I could get some sleeping aid (pills). Got em.. Hope they help.

We went to the store today and got a blood sugar meter today. I figured if I was going to have to take my level all the time I wanted to get and acurate reading. I made sure to get the one that the hospital used so that they could give me the strips. The meter doesn't cost that much, $20.00 after rebate, but then they want $30.00 for a box of 50 blood strips. I got that licked.

Blood was 451 today before dinner.. Yow.. 10 U Regular (Fast acting). Blood was only 219 at bed time.. That worked.. Took a sleep pill before going to bed, hope it works..