Day 37

18 September 94

Well, time to go back to Seattle. Went out to see Loras familly again and then to our house. Actually, we've taken over 2 rooms of her mothers farm house, but it's home for now. Got some warmer stuff to wear, it's getting kinda cold some days in Seattle. Had to stop by a store and get some condoms, yuck. Docs don't want any chance of transmitting anything. Didn't even know what I was looking for it's been so long. At check out I get the youngest female checker in the store, like I thought that wouldn't happen. Oh well..

Drank Koolaide all the way back, so it was no wonder my blood sugar level was very high when we got to the hospital. They wanted to check all my levels ASAP when I got back from portland. They decided to start me on some insulin, the pills I had been taking just don't seem to be doing the trick. So, I learned how to measure it and inject it.. Good thing the needle is small.

Mother and here fiance (Jack) were waiting for us at the Appt. when we got there. We ordered Pizza and pigged out. Had a good time with them. This will be the last time we'll see them till December. They spent a lot time with Tia and talking about plans for X-Mas. I'll miss her visits.