Day 36

17 September 94

Had to get up early today. We went and saw most of Loras familly today. Aunt, uncle, cousins, grandmother... They were all happy to see us, as we were them. We talked about how I was doing, but tryed not to dwell on it. They are finishing building a house and we looked around that for a while. We spent to much time there and had to race back to the get ready for Davids wedding.

Made it there with plenty of time to spare. The wedding was great. On the programs he had me as a Groomsman that could not stand up with him. Good thing he said that, because I couldn't stand that long. :-) The pasture also said they were very happy to have all there friends and one special friend (looking right at me) join them today. With all th steroids I'm on, that was the last straw.. I was looking though teary eyes for the rest of the cerimony.

Got real tired at the reception. So many people I hadn't seen for quite a while. David has been like my brother for many years, so all his familly is like my second familly. It's wonderfull to have friends that good. We went home and rested for about and hour then came back when most of the people had gone. The limo finally came and they were off. Long day, but it was worth every second. I'll have to thank the Docs big time for letting me come down here.