I've got my new marrow!

Day 1

12 August 94

My second batch of marrow was started just after midnight and finished at 4 AM. I had a max temp. of 37.8.

Well, I don't feel any different. I'll skip the amount of times I vomit from now on. It is a lot and I can't remember them all. I still have my hair, and I'm starting to walk. They want to to walk about 1 mile per day to keep up your stength. I don't know how far I'm walking but I try to walk 30 mins twice a day. My wife and daughter had started on a sceduale of comming to so me. Once in the morning around 0930-1200 ish. (Or when Tia my daughter) get tired. Then they come back around 1800 (6 PM). I can give myself a shower still, I'm feeling a little stonger now that I'm away from the TBI. Spent most of the day not doing much, there wasn't much 2 do but wait, and watch TV.

I noticed in the mirror my face was fatter than a cow. Must be from all the hydration and TPN (food) they are giving me. I'm almost always hooked up to the pumps. I have only 3 now.. I'll get the grand total soon enough.

Almost forgot. I wrote a letter to the doner of the marrow that I got. It was sent to him (Thats about all I know.. him) when they got the marrow at the air port. This is a link to it. Don't laugh.. Remember, this guy may have just given me a new life so it's kinda mushy, and I was on some good drugs when I wrote it.

Letter to Bone Marrow Doner is here.