Day 0

11 August 94

Well, today I get my new marrow. Wife got here about 0930 (I'm going to use military time from now on. It's easer) and helped me with a shower.

I started a study today for a drug called "HAT". Human Antibody something. Anyway, it's supposed to stop GVHD (Graph Vers Host Desease) before is startes. I don't know if I get a Placebo (Water) a Small dose or a Heavy dose. My Docs don't know either. That the was the FDA wants the test to be done. It kinda sucks because I'm only a 5 of 6 HLA type and they are expecting some problems. Hope fully I get the High dose. Thats all I can do is hope. If you want more info about the studdy just drop me a line and I'll see what I can dig up. I do know it's almost over. I'm the last one, or very close to here at the VA.

Anyway, I spent most of the day with my wife and daughter waiting for the marrow. They said they nver know when it's going to get here. If it's late, it came from the east. Early, it came from the west. Well, mine must be from the east cause it's didnt' get here till late! First it was sent to the Fred Hutch. I think they do some last min. checking or something like that. Then back to us.. err.. ME! My wife had come back for the great event. Nurse walks in with 2 bags of.. looks like blood to me.. and starts running it in. Pictures and such for nastalga. My daughter was sitting on me, playing with my "daddys tubes" refering to my Hickman Catheter. I hope she doesn't remember 2 much of this. I dought she will.. She is only almost 2. I love here a bunch. Even when I feel terible whe mackes it better. Well, the wife left after being not very impressed. They told us that in the begining.. I think the marrow got done some time early the next day around 0300 or something.

I guess I just wait now.. 20 days or so and I'm outa here.