Day -7

4 August 94

I woke up this morning knowing this was it. My nurse told me to be at the hospital at around 5:00 PM that night. I spent the day playing with my daughter and trying to spend time with my wife. I got to the hospital at about 4:45 and went strait to my room. The nurse and I played 50 questions, and she showed me around the room. I don't have a bathroom, but should be able to move this Saturday or Sunday into a room that does.

I started per-hydration at about 6 PM. 6:45 I got a drug in my Hickman to relax me. The nurse was comming back in a few minutes to give me a cathether. You know, for urine. Boy was that fun. :-( But the drugs were good and I didn't mind. It was put in because the chemo drug I'll be getting (cyclophosphamide) can cause bleeding in the bladder. The catheter allows then to irigate it. Got some pills for nausia at around 8 PM. Started the chemo at 1000, it should run about 1 hour.

Well, I started on the path. I know I'll do great.