Day -5

6 August 94

Didn't sleep as well last night. The catheter is begining to BUG me big time. They say it comes out night around 6 PM. This is me "Day of Rest" ya right, try resting with this in you. The try to get up and move around my room a little. Sit in the chair and watch TV. I think I only vomited about twice today. The catheter came out at 6 PM, OH boy was that strange. Didn't really hurt, but sure didn't feel good. Glad to be free. The Docs said 'I could go home for the night. They didn't have to say it twice. I was outa there in a hurry. Still walking funny thought. Ate a salid and some soup for dinner. That was the first time I had eaten since early on day -7. The doctors game me Compozine to control the nasua while I was away from the hospital. It worked, when I remembered to take it every 4 hours. So much for sleep and that dinner I ate.