Day -2

9 August 94

Last full day of TBI. Had a hard time in the shower this morning. I may have to have my wife start helping. I'm not very strong any more. This TBI is really starting to wear on me. First dose 800AM. Got the Ativan before we headed back. Ha Ha.. It does work. I didn't vomit when I got back. I love it when you can trick you body with drugs. Oh, I've also been getting Ondancetron before I go over there. Just thought I'd let you know. BTW, anyone know how to spell that right?

Spent most of the day sleeping between TBI sessions. Didn't even have the food guy set the stuff down. The smell almost killed me. I won't be getting food trays any more. It's food in a bag for me. TPN (Don't know what that stands for, but it's sticky and I guess food.) got started today so I wouldn't starve. Nummy, ya, like you can taste it going into you catheter. I asked for a burger, but they said it wouldn't go through the filter. Oh well. I guess I can eat in a month or so.. But I'm done for now.

By the third dose I was wiped out. Had to have the nurse help me around and into the weelchair. I'm sure glad this is almost over. I never haven't got anything more than a small rash on my feet from the TBI. I guess they had the times right or I'd be all pink (Or green :-) ).

Little bit a Benedryl and it was 500AM the next day. Love that stuff.