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CCIE# 3986

Hi!    Welcome to my home page!  It's been here a long time, and doesn't get updated much, but it's mine.

You may or may not belive this, but I started my CCIE test (it takes two days) on August 11th 1998. Four years to the day of getting my new bone marrow. When I got home from my first attempt (ya, I didn't pass the first time) I called just to see what the leed time was. The administrator said the first date she had was Aug 11th. After my inital shock of the date I figured it was a sign and had her put me down. I passed that time. Just like I did 4 years ago!

ATV and Trailer Pictures

Token Ring Brief (A technical journey)

[The grim Reaper]My Bone Marrow Transplant journal.

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